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Claire Dames Biography Photo Claire Dames Biography
Born: 8/13/1981
Aliases: Claire

Country of Origin: United States CA - California
Place of Birth: Roseville
Date of Birth: August 13, 1981
Aliases: Claire

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 163 cm - 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight: 57 kg - 125 lbs
Measurements: 34F-26-36
Shoe Size: 7.5

Tattoos: Butterfly and "Hit it Harder" below navel; band (notes and stars) around left ankle with purple rose and gemstone on inside and horseshoe with four-leaf clover on outside; flowers top of right foot

Early entries into entertainment were learned in cinema and drama classes. Freelance dance classes and even gymnastics early on were past times of this ambitious west coast sweetheart. An Admission of fascinations to biker boys and curiosities into some of the local flavors of the hells angels’ riders in suburban California of her youth inspired some of her flair for tattoos to this day.
Skiing, attempting to surf and beach hopping topped the targets for recreational time, growing up in So Cal. Volleyball was a sport Claire found to be worthy of her time and developed a truly wicked serve in a many a beach matches amongst friends. Skateboarding was never a great art but more endurance ability than her taste. It is way more fun to watch than to participate, as there are some true talents in boarding, notably like Rob from Rob&Big on MTV. He is a lot of fun to watch, maybe for me to “ride dirty” with Rob one day would be a blast.

Claire loves the mountains as skiing was a great escape from the coastal scene and close to nature is a fantastic serenity high up in the mountains, “you can almost hear the snow falling it is so peaceful”.

The time I spent in Reno was quite challenging at first as I almost had to fight with some girls to be friends with them. I found that to be a tough transition from laid back So Cal. Dancing for me is my second escape as music flows I can find a sublime connection to it and an audience very comfortably. Music is truly an escape for most people but to connect is a real “next level” toward freedom itself.

The 101 into porn has been one hell of a wild ride. I’m sure it goes much without saying, but till you buy the ticket and jump on the ride that first time, you really have NO clue… for real : ) Nerves, butterflies, anxiety, weirdo’s, crazies, lunatics and hell who knew some real great friendships have come out of the world of craze called porn. Sex has much less meaning YES, but love when you think you find it is a bit more real. A psyche of realism leaves as quickly as it comes, and full circle returns for another dose of balance in the reality / fantasy of life.

Some days have me wondering what else in this fucked up world I would be doing had I not jumped headlong into porn. Open window open door, whatever it is, was, or will be, I will always opt to go where I want and do what (or who) I enjoy. No real long range goals for me at this time as I prefer the down to earth approach of living day to day.

I am planning a few more tattoos as it has become quite addictive, and I really find those Suicide Girls pretty damn hot! The Alice in Wonderland works I’m doing at the moment is pretty sweet if I don’t mind saying myself. I am a living art form on human canvas, with many artful display abilities and command audiences of all natures. My artistic abilities maybe weren’t so appreciated the other day at the park as I found myself getting bailed out of the pokey, fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke huh?!?

Claire Dames from Big Tits Round Asses
Posted in Big Tits Round Asses,Pornstar Interviews by BoobaWooba's Web Thrall

Claire Refuses To Do Porn Scene With BoobaWooba – Obviously That Time Of The Month

Claire DamesToday, BoobaWooba interviews Claire Dames, who is being featured on Big Tits Round Asses. She stopped by BoobaWooba Inc’s American office to chat with our smut pushing hero about life in the porn biz. This woman is pure perfection, in BoobaWooba’s professional opinion. Her tits are massive, she’s got a bald pussy, and her ass needs to be fucked to be believed.

BoobaWooba: Hello, my dear. How are you today?

Claire: I’m good. Um, please don’t touch me, ok?

BoobaWooba: What do you mean?

Claire: I mean please keep your fingers — those are fingers, right? Please keep your fingers off my leg. Mr. Wooba, I agreed to this interview only because my agency said it would be good publicity. I’m not into you or anything.

BoobaWooba: I understand, I understand. Women often don’t realize the powerful attraction they have for me at first. It will take some time for you as well, I expect.

Claire: Um, okay, sure.

BoobaWooba: Now, tell me dear thing, what do you like most about doing porn?

Claire: Well, I don’t know, I guess I like to have sex a lot and doing this for a living allows me to fuck a lot of hot guys without having to date or go to bars or anything.

BoobaWooba: Would you ever consider doing a scene with a partner who is not of your race?

Claire: You mean, like a black guy?

BoobaWooba: No, I was thinking more along the lines of someone from another planet?

Claire: Well, let me put it this way. I would never do a scene with an alien who was three feet tall, green, and who resembled a mutant frog with a diseased complexion. Also, severe body odor would be a sure deal killer as well.

BoobaWooba: Let’s move on. What do you like most about your huge tits?

Claire: Well, they’re really sensitive. I like to pinch my nipples when I’m about to come and it really boosts the orgasm. Guys really seem to like my tits and they usually cum all over them after they fuck me. I like to rub the cum all over my boobs until they’re all shiny.

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